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Focus versus Stability – ‘The Parthenon Theory’

Hey guys,

I have a confession that this article is a marketing principle but can be just as easily applied to your sales process.

In marketing there is a theory called ‘The Parthenon’. This basically states that to build a business with stability both in growth and sales you need to have a number of marketing strategies in place at one time. Rather than just relying on magazine advertising you could also do some newspaper ads and direct mail. The wider your choice of strategies the less the impact if one of them fails to work.

A Point of Caution…

The Parthenon strategy is not necessarily for those just starting out as it can take your focus off the simple strategies that work that you need to focus on. It is recommended you counsel with your hardcore Sales Director on the best methods & timing to apply this theory.

Here are some points to consider as you choose your marketing strategy:

• Cost
• Time until responses start to come in.
• Locality of the leads that will respond to your ad.
• The quality of the lead you will attract based on the method and placement of your ad.
• How qualified your lead will be based on the information you provided up-front.

All of these things will determine the success of your strategy. In most instances the best strategy is people you know or people you meet. The reasons are as follows:

• No cost.
• You already have a relationship and level of trust established.
• It’s more fun working with your friends.
• You can qualify them without spending anything.
• You can talk to them immediately.
• There is no limit to the amount of people you can contact.

Always have FUN and remember the more people you talk to and share the value of these products, the quicker you will build your business.

Importantly if you are doing something that is working, don’t stop it to try your next pillar in your parthenon, use it alongside.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood