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Three Stages of Relationships…

Hey guys,

Here’s a list of the various stages of a relationship and the aspects that you need to consider when building a relationship.

When you first meet someone the stage is called:

1. Investigation
Unique Positioning
Creating Perceived Need
Demonstrated Competency

Once you have decided to build a relationship with someone this stage is called:

2. Nurturing
Identify needs
Support solutions
Build the Relationship
Review (Re-qualification)

Once you have decided that you need to end the relationship this stage is called:

3. Completion
Manage expectations
Deal with emotions
Reframe Relationship
Marketplace Perception

I liken the process of building a relationship with a client as the same as building a relationship in a nightclub. It makes it quite easy and fun to think about relationships.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

Carrots beat Sticks every time…

Hey guys,

In general, the more pressure you apply to a prospect, the more resistance you will find you must overcome. Waving a big stick may force the sale, but the carrot of a long term relationship founded on trust and respect will ensure you are highly favoured when your client wants to buy.

The old-fashioned high pressure sales tactics just don’t work any more. Value or Relationship sales are the new hardcore sales tactic. Trying to convince a prospect that you are really clever and know what’s best for them only makes them sceptical.

Forcing your prospect into a corner in trying to close a sale will only annoy them and just produce more objections.

Of course, as a salesperson you are there to sell, but your long term success can only be built on the strength of the relationships you form with your clients. A successful hardcore salesperson creates clients from initial customers.

To build a strong relationship with a client is fundamentally no different from developing any other kind of relationship. All positive human interaction must be founded on mutual trust and respect.

The most successful organisations of the 21st century will be those that create the greatest loyalty with their clients by developing long term relationships.

Pressure selling is out. The alternative is to consult, listen, understand and educate.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

Are you living the three qualities of a hardcore salesperson?

Hey guys,

We all know what we need to do… the question is do we live it everyday…

And being a hardcore salesperson comes down to just 3 important qualities…

First, you must build great, enduring, and powerful relationships. Relationships with prospects who need the products and services you provide. Ideally you will constantly ask the key question, ‘How can I strategically use this relationship to leverage more sales for greater results?’

Second, you must make decisions in alignment with those relationships… you’ll quickly convert those relationships into profitable, influential clients.

Third you need to be extremely disciplined. Building a relationship occurs over time, and occurs through repeated contact. It requires consistency, and a total commitment to service. Unfortunately, our greatest challenge as human beings is that we are relatively undisciplined.

Although this is a sweeping statement, it is certainly a fact.

Compare a human being with a computer. While human beings are wonderful at relating, computers have the incredible ability to do the same thing over and over again in an extremely disciplined manner. It provides the ‘consistency’ and ‘discipline’ that allows you to properly manage your business.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood