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The best ‘Non-qual’ ever…

Hey guys,

Ignore the title of this subject, it was the email subject that I received from my IT Director, Murray who had discovered that one of our leads had been marked unqualified, for… in their own words…wait for it…

“nonqual, unable to contact”

This was after trying for precisely….. 3 days.

In truth the title should have read – ‘The worst of all sales crimes.’

Now as the Hardcore business owner of the business who pays somewhere between £20 and £80 for each and every lead we generate. This kind of makes me a little agitated to say the least.

As a Hardcore Sales Director I begin to wonder how many other leads have been thrown away in such a vial and fifthy manner.

Moreover, as a Hardcore Salesperson this lead could have been mine to sell to and make money for my family. A true hardcore would simply not allow this to happen, ever

The facts are that 95% of salespeople give up within 4 contacts, leaving 90% of the leads for the 10% of hardcore salespeople who continue to make contact. I cannot explain how important it is to follow every single lead until they either buy or die.

The actual stats from the Harvard Business School study are as follows:

  • 48% Give up after the first rejection…
  • 25% Give up after the second…
  • 12% Give up after the third…
  • 5% Give up after the fourth…
  • Leads are some of the hardest things to create, in today’s competitive marketplace it a massive effort to create any lead, let alone enough leads to generate a continuous funnel of sales, so waste them at your peril.

    Needless to say the culprit knew they had stuffed up and now have to live with this blog entry as well as a kick up the *&^% from me for their incompetence.

    Live with passion,

    Brett Alegre-Wood

    Subtext… The subtle art of listening between the lines.

    Hey guys,

    Research has been shown that approximately 8% of the message you deliver is in the words you say, that leaves 92% for all the other factors involved in communicating… We can therefore assume that if you master these other factors involved, your ability to both understand and listen to others would increase dramatically.

    Subtext is the word we use for these other factors. Put simply it makes up all the other factors besides the words we use. It is where the true meaning or subtext of what others are saying is hidden. You may have heard that we never say exactly what we mean, this is simply saying there is a deeper meaning in everything.

    The trick to communication is finding this deeper meaning, discovering the real subtext amongst all the fear and ego.

    Once you discover the subtext you can truly support your clients to the solution that is right for them… So next time you’re listening to a client, your family or anyone for that matter, read their subtext and then use it to your best advantage…

    Live with passion,

    Brett Alegre-Wood

    3 hours call time is the minimum requirement successful sales

    Hey guys,

    3 hours on the phone which is vitally important to your success. In every sales director position I have ever known a minimum of 3 hours meant you will earn a good wage, 4 hours will be a great wage. The difference between 3 and 4 hours is application and discipline and most importantly the discipline to do it day after day. I don’t expect you all to be at the 4 hour mark yet but make no mistake this is were we are heading. I want you all to focus on the 3 hour mark each and every day at this stage.

    If you run out of people to speak to then you have the cold call database there, this may not allow you to speak for 3 hours each day but in this case you will be aiming at 200 dials. This will put enough calls downrange that you will begin to get through to enough people who you can speak to which will in turn get your call times up. The 200 dials is a short term thing until you get the qualified clients to speak to.

    The trick to being a great sales person is simple understanding the process of making sales – 200 dials leads to 3 hours which leads to 2 appointments per day which leads to a quantity of pitches per month which leads to a quantity of sales per month which leads to repeat sales which leads to referrals. Sales is very simple once you break it down into it’s basic components.

    So look at the area that you are falling down in and focus on that area, enlist the support of your sales manager, discipline yourself, but most of all pick up the phone and make that next call…

    Remember that success is always the next call

    Live with passion,

    Brett Alegre-Wood