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Bretts Rule 1 – You hold the cookie, and they want it

So rule number one and this is the most fundamental rule.

You hold the cookie and they want it.

In our business we don’t actually do any cold calling so every single client that we deal with has jumped on the website and typed in “property investment” or they’ve done something to say they want us to speak to them. When my team call them up and they go: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not interested in property.” That’s bull.

Somehow they have got onto our database because they’ve entered something so there’s a reason why. What you need to do is keep hold of the cookie. When they say they’re not interested or something like that, what they’re actually trying to do is turn the table on you so they hold the cookie. But you have to understand that what you’ve got, the product or service that you offer is valuable and they need it. And make no mistake – there’s not a single person that we’ve seen in our entire history here that I haven’t gone: You need our help.

And more importantly, you need our help now. You’ve got to do something now and not wait. Look, one of our clients has £2.4 million, he did have £3 million.  £3 million in cash or liquid cash shares, things like that, plus properties, plus, plus, plus… You might look at that and go: Oh my God. That guy’s could just retire, he could easily retire on that. Guess what? What do you know about a £3 million investment? They’re aiming for £4 million. They’re aiming for £5 million. Life is this beautiful thing where you’re in a continual state of frustration.

Personally I’m still not happy with my financial situation. But I look at my mates and I think: Well, I’m further than them. And I look at some of the people that work here and I think I’m a long way down the track. But what you realise is that we’re always looking forwards to the next thing. So it doesn’t matter what happens, you’ve got to understand that just because you’re not at £2 million and that’s where you want to get to, doesn’t mean that he wants to stay there. He wants to get to £4 million. You hold the cookie all the time.

And what this means and how this manifests is in statements like a prospect will say: Send me some information. And you’ll go: I’ll send you an e-mail now.

No. No. No. NOOOO!!!

You hold the cookie.

You tell that guy that you hold the cookie.  Tell him he needs to jump on the website and to have a look. All the information’s on there. Once you’ve had a look, I’ll call you tomorrow at 3pm and let’s go through it any questions.

Two totally different statements and two totally different results.  If you do that and you hold the cookie. It’s important that you jump on and you do this. I’m not going to send you this sheet. That’s the difference between you holding the cookie.  That’s Rule Number 1.

The cookie is an attitude of value, your product or service is of so much value that there is no way you will cheapen it by sending a glossy brochure.

This attitude puts you in a position of abundance rather than the first response which puts you in a position of desperation. Denying their request tells them firmly that your product or service will not be cheapened by some quick fix. It says there is a process for this that must be followed, a process forged over many years and honed with each sales call. Who are they to question this process.

The person who said the customer is always right never sold anything, they were a beurocrat, the customer is most often totally wrong and deluded so you have to guide them in the right direction.

This means keeping the cookie firmly in your hands until they fully understand and appreciate the value of your product or service.

Live with passion,