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Why sales is sometimes banging your head against the wall…

Hey guys,
One of my new telesales guys asked me this question after you felt he was banging his head against the wall all day trying to get hold of people.
Hey Brett,

I am very concerned about how well I utilise my time at work. I feel like I have spent the past 2 days calling people with no answer. Today I have made more than 100 calls (caught up with the ones i was behind on due to my days off and those lined up for today) If counted correctly, i have only spoken to 6 people and have pitched one of them.

Any Advise?

Hey mate,

At the end of the day if people aren’t picking up the phone then their is only one challenge and its in your head.

You need to focus on having a positive expectation that people will pick up the phone.

At the end of the day, its fine to say that noone is home, that noone will answer their phone, that you’ve tried your hardest but that doesn’t cut it in sales.

Disciplined persistence is certainly admirable but without the results that flow from this it is useless.

I have seen guys spend days without speaking to a person and then I will walk up with the expectation that they will pick up and call their last message and sure enough they will answer the phone for me. It’s in your head.

As a Hardcore salesperson you must control all your circumstances and this is not different.

1) The trick to this is having a suitable affirmation. Now many salespeople will say something like “Today, everyone will pick up the phone” or perhaps “Everyone wants to speak with me!” this doesn’t go far enough and I doubt it will inspire anyone to pick up the phone 100 times without speaking to anyone. In order for your affirmation to work you need to include something that is in it for the client you are going to speak to.

Try something like “Everyone I speak with today will be inspired, energised and interested from the time they pick up the phone until they book a time to see us.” This is sort of an all encompassing affirmation, from picking up the phone to what they are going to get out of it through to how you are going to present the call and finally to the real outcome you want – the appointment.

Feel free to come up with your own version but you need something that gets you into the correct state, that inspires you.

2) Secondly, you need to Maintain and change your state. Maintain your state at the highest possible level and then if you do drop off find something to change this.  I find jumping around while I am on the phone. Bouncing and walking around. It gets the energy through my body and allows more oxygen to circulate through my body.

I cannot say enough how important maintaining your state at the highest possible level is as well as changing your state back up to that level is.

3) Finally, and this is the one area that I know you don’t lack… Persistence, 10 calls is not enough, even 20 or 30. If it takes 2 days of speaking to 6 people then stick with it. But set your next goal at 8 people to speak to, then 10, then 12. Before you know it you’ll be having fulfilling an worthwhile conversations all over the place.

Mate, I think if you do all these things you will see some amazing results. Also remember that if you are constantly calling these people at the same time you are harassing them and therefore they probably have stored your number and wont answer.

Keep the variety, and give irregular spaces between calls, try a few from your mobile, then a few from someone elses phone. You might find that’s just the thing to change you results.

If this doesn’t work then come and see me and we’ll sit down.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood