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Supercharge your sales speak with these simple standardised statements…

Hey guys,
Here’s a list of statements that will catapult the power of your sales ability. If I were you I would use these all the time to win people my my way I thinking.

I’m sure you’ll agree that when I say this the brain naturally agrees with whatever I am saying. The bottom line is I want you to help me help you. Because I can guarantee this will be 100% better for you, and I am sure you can see the benefits of using this kind of language. How does that sound so far?

Let’s be realistic, if you don’t use these statements you will be disadvantaged against the guy standing beside you that knows them.

Can I make a suggestion? Read through all the standardised statements at least 10 times, print them out and put them infront of you, try to use them, I strongly recommend this because repetition and having them in your face is the best way to learn them. Always remember that you can use these over and over again, you have over 35 different statements.

At one of the drilling mornings we’ll be running through all of these so make sure you have read them before, I am sure you will agree that it’s in your best interests. That’s not a problem if you don’t understand any just ask me for examples of how to use these.

Hopefully from the above paragraphs you will get an idea of how easy it is you use these. So would you like to go ahead with this?

Here they are:
Always remember….
Can I make a suggestion?
Can you do something for me?
Can you see the benefits?
Do you think this would be good for you?
Help me to help you….
How does that sound?
I am sure that you would agree with me….
I guarantee this will be 100% better for you….
I know you don’t know but if you did?
I strongly recommend this….
I’m sure that you’d agree with me.If I were you….
If it kills me?
Let me put it this way….
Lets do this….
Lets get realistic
On the basis ____________ will you _____________
On the basis that you’re 100% happy…
Please be well aware….
Please understand….
So would you like to go ahead with that?
Tell me in detail….
That’s fine….
That’s not a problem
The benefits of this are….
This is not only a suggestion, it is your solution….
This will definitely be 100% better for you.
Understand this….
What are your main concerns?
What do I need to do to get this sale today?
When we come to that bridge we will cross it…
Which do you prefer….
You know this is going to be beneficial for you….

Live with Passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

‘Keeping the Sales Force Motivated in a Recession’

The recession has hit the property industry hard and having 20 telesales people on our sales floor has been fun to say the least. At the best of times you can motivate salespeople with the money but when the recession makes everything twice as hard and twice as long whilst giving you half the certainty it requires some new thinking.

I spent a great deal of time communicating with the sales team. The first and most important motivational factor in any market is keeping them in the big picture. If you start with a big picture of what’s going on they are more likely to stay motivated when the little things go wrong. In doing this you can also be honest with the negative things that happen as they feel part of the problem and will work hard for a solution.  This one point of sharing the problems has actually bonded the team together incredibly.

I have always been a big believer in scripting everything to do with the sales team, as the market changed I provided written scripts on how to handle the negative feedback from clients.  I would also produce educational material aimed at the clients that explained the issues in a much more positive light. This supported the sales team to deal with the problems. It worked really well and they felt a lot more confidence using the scripts and knowing that I had already pre-framed the solution for the clients.

We did focused sales sessions in two-hour blocks where the whole team would be on the phone calling clients with specific questions that I had pre-written.  The fact that everyone was calling about the same thing gave the guys the confidence and motivation to stay on the phone.  This created many sales opportunities just because they called.

We also do a lot of little things that combined just add the finishing touches and motivate all the team.  Things like; having a Sales bell so they ring it every time a sale is made and the response from the team is that everyone claps and cheer, it’s small but effective.  Giving small bonuses for first sales, most new clients, most improved and many others. In most cases the rewards are a single as a bottle of champagne or chocolates or perhaps just a congratulations email or team meeting recognition.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

Sell me the Pen…

Hey guys,

If you were asked at an interview to “Sell me the Pen” and the interviewer handed you a Gold and Platinum Mont Blanc pen worth around £500, engraved with their name. What would you do? How would you sell the pen?

It’s this exact question that I ask all of my potential Property Consultants. So what would you say?

Perhaps something like: “It’s a great pen with gold and platinum, clearly expensive and a twist top that means that you are not going to get pen all over you. Best suited to someone who wants to impress those around them.”

If you did you would be like 95% of the sales people that I interview, oh and you would be 100% wrong.  That’s right a failure for this part of the interview.

You see the mistake most people make when I hand them the pen is to concerntrate on the features of the pen rather than the needs of the client.

If you took the pen, put it on the table and started by saying something like “Well Brett, how can I help you today, it appears that you’ve come looking for a pen?”

“Absolutely, I am after a pen.” I would say.

“Fantastic, have you got anything in particular in mind, Brett.” you would say.

“I am actually here to buy a pen for a work colleague, it’s their leaving do and we want something that I can engrave.”

“Great, and how much are you looking to spend?”

Hopefully you have gotten the hint. Before you ever introduce the pen into the presentation you need to know that I actually want a pen. Always, Always, Always focus on the client’s needs and you will be surprised how easy it is to sell a pen. Focus on the pen and you will always struggle.

Worst still you may even fail your interview. Hopefully it’s a lesson that you won’t have to learn.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

The most powerful question in the world…

Hey guys,

Some people have some really strange ideas…

At some stage we all decided that asking for help was a sign of weakness… Which is just about as wrong as it is possible to be…

Deep down we all know it’s a sign of great maturity to acknowledge that you need help. So, put simply, the most powerful question in life consists of just five little words –

If someone asks you this question, what would be your immediate answer without thinking?

‘Can you help me please?’

Asking for help can leverage your time and enable you to achieve anything you desire in life. And one of the nicest things is that it is in our nature to want to help others any way we can.

In fact, human nature makes us passionate about helping. So knowing you can’t be an expert in everything, it is only common sense to ask for help from the most appropriate person. They are most likely to be happy to be of assistance, and if they are not able to help, will normally suggest someone who can.

The most important thing is simply to ask the question and to do it often. Make a habit of it and you will be amazed at the results.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

Competitive (ego) Statements in your sales pitch…

Hey guys,

Comments that are based on your product being better than the competitions will generally attract argument from your prospect or suspect. Each product is, was and always shall be attracted by the unique individual searching for that product. To try and change their mind or force them to buy your product is simply manipulation.

The only strategy you should employ is building a relationship and educating them of your products benefits. They will eventually discover the benefits for themselves at an emotional level and turn to your product.

Adapt your thinking about competition. It should be seen as a positive that evolves your product and systems as unique and makes life easier for all of us…

Some points to ponder…
* Customer Satisfaction is not enough… You must delight them
* Make it as easy as possible to buy from you
* The most important three letter word in business… ASK
* The focus of sales is to get advances
* The second most important three letter word in business… FUN
* Who is doing the talking…
* WIIFM… The most important radio station. (What’s In It For Me)
* People don’t buy from a company they buy from you…
* Don’t close a sale, open a relationship
* Focus on Purpose
* Remember the power of testimonials
* You have two ears and one mouth, use them in that order.
* Consumerism has been a venture in variety and innovation
* Research outside your industry

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

Make sure your pitch fulfills AIDA…

Hey guys,

Grab their Attention, create an Interest and build their Desire then motivate them to Action. This in a nutshell is the one and only way to effective sales. Let’s look at each stage independently; please remember that each stage does not take part independently of each other, they can happen at the same time.

The headline is the most important part of every ad… Without a headline you might as well be giving your money away to charity.

The headline is used to grab the readers attention, without this the reader will continue past your ad and onto the next page. It is critical that your headline grabs their attention. I will generally spend a lot of time getting the headline right, I will write many variations and play with it until I consider it to be just right, then I will test it and if required change it.

It is one thing to get their attention but now you must create a desire for them to act. This will generally be done through your body copy and graphics. It should contain the essence of what you are trying to say, at the same time create some perceived problem that you are able to solve through your products and services. Throughout this time you must maintain their attention.

Here is some suggestions on how to maintain people’s interested:

• Ask Question that must be answered
• Begin with a strong benefit of the product
• Articulate the news value
• Avoid generalities
• Stick to reasons why people buy. Sell people advantages not things
• Select angles with the greatest or broadest appeal
• Provide plenty of emotional appeal
• Create points of human contact, allow the reader to say ‘Yes, that is just like me’
• Avoid outrageous claims, use vivid and dramatic situations, with human content, include word pictures
• Consider using subheads
• Use present tense
• Use active words

If you are successful in getting their attention and maintaining their interest you must then create the desire to take the next step. Creating desire is achieved through your headline and body copy. A deep understanding and targeted marketing piece will create desire in the chosen target market. An untargeted piece will have less chance of creating a desire.

This is your call to action. This will generally be ‘Call Brett now of xxxx-xxxx’ or would you like fries with that?, a call to action is simply asking for the sale or advance. This is essential, as without it you will have created interest and desire to buy but unless you ask the question they will go elsewhere to satisfy their ultimate need.

Too many sales people lose sales because they didn’t ask the question or respond to the call to action. Your job as a sales professional is to present the information using the process and guide the prospect through to a commitment. Do not leave the prospect hanging as they will definitely go elsewhere.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood