Make your day better when you hang up the phone.

Hey guys,

I have always believed that the key to running a successful sales team in any business is that above all else, above the closing tactics, the qualification questions, above the call time, the appointments, the pitches, it comes down to one thing.

Was the prospects day made better having chatted with you?

If you consistently keep this in mind you’ll very quickly build a horde of raving fans who enjoy buying your product or service and who see you as a trusted advisor.

At the end of the day we are humans and above all else we consistently move towards the things and people we like and away from the things and people we don’t.

Comments like ‘How are you today?’ and ‘Isn’t the weather terrible today?’ don’t cut it. You have to drive deeper in the relationship.

I have developed a surefire 3 step method of making sure they leave the call much much better than when they joined you. It covers all the areas that you should speak of in each and every call to ensure you not only progress the relationship but also leave them buzzing.

Now this is the point that most sales trainer and customer advocates will say ‘You have to smile, provide some light humour, you have be empathatic to their situation, and you have to present your product in a good light.’ Ha if only it was that simple anymore.

The truth is that customers have become more knowledgeable, they have more choice and they have the ability to respond and comment far easier than ever before.

So what’s the 3 surefire ways to make their day:

1) Build Rapport using FORMS, Maintain Rapport using MPLC.
2) Develop their Need through SPINS.
3) Demonstrate Competency both Company and Individual.

Let me give you a brief outline of each. For further information check out my website where a full description is available.

OK so firstly Building Rapport using FORMS. FORMS is a questioning technique that jogs your memory about what to ask your prospect. Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money and Motivation and Sports or Specific questions. Forms builds rapport so your ready to build depth.

Maintain Rapport using Match, Pace, Lead and Test. This technique is great to ensure you establish, build and maintain rapport right the way through the call. I won’t explain the process in detail but a google search will bring up loads of details about the process. Rapport is vital.

Developing their needs for your product or service is often the missing link in sales, far too often misguided sales people focus on talking about their products or service features and forget that the clients is taking everything you say and relating it to what they want. If you find this out, even when they aren’t sure what it is, and then systematically develop that need to such a level that they almost see it clearly then you have successfully developed the need.

For those of you that use SPIN selling I cannot recommend it too highly, if you aren’t familiar and are selling a value product the get on Amazon and buy it.

Demonstrating competency is not just on your part, the company must also show it is up to the task, giving clients the confidence and certainty to move forward is key in the part. Your marketing, websites, brochures, videos should all show a consistent message which you also must demonstrate throughout the sales process.

The only reason someone will ever say No to your sales pitch is when one of the three are missing. You didn’t build relationship, find a need or demonstrate competency.

Do these and the client will hang up the phone with a smile and the day will be all the better for it.

So if you’re making calls keep this in mind. If you build a base of raving fans that feel better when they hang up than when they did when they picked up you’ll watch your results skyrocket.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

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