What are you saying?

Hey guys,

What you are really meaning to say is more important than how you say it… this simply means that the energy of what you say carries far more importance than the method in which it is received. Please don’t read this to mean that you can create your sales scripts with no thought and expect a great result. You MUST put the thought and creativity into every script that you make.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

Three Stages of Relationships…

Hey guys,

Here’s a list of the various stages of a relationship and the aspects that you need to consider when building a relationship.

When you first meet someone the stage is called:

1. Investigation
Unique Positioning
Creating Perceived Need
Demonstrated Competency

Once you have decided to build a relationship with someone this stage is called:

2. Nurturing
Identify needs
Support solutions
Build the Relationship
Review (Re-qualification)

Once you have decided that you need to end the relationship this stage is called:

3. Completion
Manage expectations
Deal with emotions
Reframe Relationship
Marketplace Perception

I liken the process of building a relationship with a client as the same as building a relationship in a nightclub. It makes it quite easy and fun to think about relationships.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

Carrots beat Sticks every time…

Hey guys,

In general, the more pressure you apply to a prospect, the more resistance you will find you must overcome. Waving a big stick may force the sale, but the carrot of a long term relationship founded on trust and respect will ensure you are highly favoured when your client wants to buy.

The old-fashioned high pressure sales tactics just don’t work any more. Value or Relationship sales are the new hardcore sales tactic. Trying to convince a prospect that you are really clever and know what’s best for them only makes them sceptical.

Forcing your prospect into a corner in trying to close a sale will only annoy them and just produce more objections.

Of course, as a salesperson you are there to sell, but your long term success can only be built on the strength of the relationships you form with your clients. A successful hardcore salesperson creates clients from initial customers.

To build a strong relationship with a client is fundamentally no different from developing any other kind of relationship. All positive human interaction must be founded on mutual trust and respect.

The most successful organisations of the 21st century will be those that create the greatest loyalty with their clients by developing long term relationships.

Pressure selling is out. The alternative is to consult, listen, understand and educate.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

Are you living the three qualities of a hardcore salesperson?

Hey guys,

We all know what we need to do… the question is do we live it everyday…

And being a hardcore salesperson comes down to just 3 important qualities…

First, you must build great, enduring, and powerful relationships. Relationships with prospects who need the products and services you provide. Ideally you will constantly ask the key question, ‘How can I strategically use this relationship to leverage more sales for greater results?’

Second, you must make decisions in alignment with those relationships… you’ll quickly convert those relationships into profitable, influential clients.

Third you need to be extremely disciplined. Building a relationship occurs over time, and occurs through repeated contact. It requires consistency, and a total commitment to service. Unfortunately, our greatest challenge as human beings is that we are relatively undisciplined.

Although this is a sweeping statement, it is certainly a fact.

Compare a human being with a computer. While human beings are wonderful at relating, computers have the incredible ability to do the same thing over and over again in an extremely disciplined manner. It provides the ‘consistency’ and ‘discipline’ that allows you to properly manage your business.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

Massive Action — The Funnel

Hey guys,

It’s helpful to think about your lead generation in terms of “filling a funnel,” the funnel representing the information process you’re taking people through.

To use an analogy, if you poured a couple of drops of petrol into a funnel, and waited for them to come through the other end before you poured another couple of drops through, you may never end up with any coming through. Reason: the petrol may evaporate before it comes through. You need volume to avoid this problem.

Generating either warm or cold leads for your business is no different — you need sufficient volume coming through at any point in time so that you avoid “evaporation”.

Get the flow happening and you’ll be surprised how much of the petrol flows through the other end.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

You don’t need to sell if your clients want to buy…

Hey guys,

I guess that at some time we have all endured the unpleasant experience of an old-time sales pitch from a heavy handed ‘closer’.

This is the person who just won’t take no for an answer. In fact, they’re so insensitive, it’s doubtful they would hear you even if you told them his pants had fallen down! Yes, I think we have all met them at some time.

Trust is rarely developed by salespersons who are only interested in securing their commission by any means. Nobody likes to be pushed into a corner, and trying to ‘close’ is surely the quickest way to destroy the rapport that can exist in a relationship.

There is a better way, and it is founded on the idea of becoming a consultant rather than a salesperson. A consultant tries to understand by asking the right questions, rather than trying to persuade a client to buy whatever it is you are offering. The 90’s way to close a sale is to have your client ask you to help solve their problem.

A consultant doesn’t presume to have all the answers, but tries to identify any problems that may exist, and then offer possible solutions.

It’s all about building successful relationships.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

Create Your Personal Story…

Hey guys,

Create a story for yourself.

Your personal story is important because it is exclusively yours and is the foundation for your belief and commitment. This story should include what moved you to action and what propelled you to do this as a career. Become clear about it! You will have more self-confidence and will appear a lot more relaxed and focused.

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

Targetting your ideal marketplace…

Hey guys,

The value and importance of choosing a target market that is aligned to the Law of Attraction, which put simply can be described as ‘‘Like attracts Like’ or Birds of a Feather Flock together’… This means that you should choose characteristics that are similar to your own and therefore you become aligned to the law and will achieve more success in attracting and approaching the chosen market…

Your target market will be in the area or areas your marketing and advertising will focus on. Is it going to be? single mums, business people, retirees, double income no kids, mum and dads, baby boomers, executives the choice is yours.

This is always your starting point, you must know exactly what you want before life can go about creating the circumstance for you to get it…

You must BE in order to DO in order to HAVE…

This is absolutely true of your target market…

You must become your target market, this is critical, if you are currently a single stay at home parent that has never worked in corporate earning over £100K don’t try to attract one until you have become one. Initially stick with who you are, then work into other markets as you become more able to shift your thinking to that of a wider range of prospects.

The easiest way I have been able to discover my target market in the past is to write a story about exactly who I am seeking, be sure to include the following three aspects.

Demographics – These are things like age, single or married, income, own house or rent, self-employed or employee, children or no children,

Psychographics – This is simply a reflection of “what are they thinking?”, “what are their concerns, interests, and motivators.” They may be paying off the mortgage, children’s education, looking after aging parents, completing education, travel and many other taxing issues.

Geographics – This is the geographic area, some suburbs are more appropriate than others from the financial aspect. You may like to segregate the target market by where they live, work or socialise.

Examples of Characteristics of your Target Client…

Likeability Loyal
Intelligent Leadership
$$ Cooperative
Commonality Ethical
Integrity Respect
Accessible Value me
Need Attitude
Potential (Vision) I Know
Honest Influential
Reliable of Person Professional
Communicator Educated
Caring Pay on time
Decision Maker Trust

Most importantly…

You need to create a picture of the experience you wish to have in dealing with this person… Think of your ideal client and then describe the relationship in detail, this will then form the basis for your target marketplace. Remember that if you choose a marketplace that is not aligned to who you are, you may find it harder to work this marketplace…

Some questions you could consider…

Are they intelligent?,
Do they have the $$ to spend,
Do I have a lot in common with them?,
Do they have Integrity?,
Are they Accessible?,
Do they have a Need?,
Do they have Potential for future growth or a Vision?,
Are they Honest?,
Are they Influential?,
Are they Reliable?,
Are they Professional in their approach?,
Can they Communicate well?,
Are they Educated?,
Are they Caring?,
Do they pay on time?,
Are they the Decision Maker?,
Do I trust them?,
Will I have Fun working with them?
What is the experience of dealing with the client?

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

What is a lead?

Hey guys,

In the direct sales business, generating quality leads is vital. A lead is generally any person who has expressed an interest in the product or service. Lead generation and management is vital to the success of your business.

What kind of people are you looking for?

In your business you will want to contact two types of people — people you know and people you don’t know.

It is highly recommend that you contact people you know (Warm Market) first, since success rate will be higher. Work closely with your hardcore Sales Manager during your training period and they will support you to contact these people.

• Warm Market

Your warm market is the 200 or so people who you know. Be open minded about this group as it can be extended to anyone you can have a warm conversation with. Learn to build rapport wherever you are. This group has the potential to contain some of your strongest centres of influence and referrals.

Make a list of friends, neighbours, relatives and the people you do business with. Approach them, simply ask them if they have considered or know anyone that may be interested in your product or service, remember you don’t just sell x or y you are after a long term relationship, you are solving a problem they have. Do not let fear get in your way. You do not need to have lots of experience; you simply follow the system as part of this website and access your management team for support and guidance.

Create a list of people you have known. Do NOT otherwise prejudge anybody. Team up with your management team to make the phone calls with you.

Impotantly your warm market is a great place to start as you are likely to come up with a lot of objections, this will help you to learn to deal with them. They are important so be sure to learn from them.

Suggestions for Contact List

Who do you know….?

Who is dissatisfied with their job?
Who is unhappy with their income?
Wh is concerned about their future?
Who is money oriented or money motivated?
Who owns their own business?
Who enjoys being around high energy people?
Who quit their job or is out of work?
Who needs extra money?
Who works with you?
Who is retired?
Who works part-time”
Who was laid off?
Who you like the most?
Who bought a new home?
Who answers classified ads
Who runs personal ads?
Who gave you a business card?
Who works at night?
Who delivers to your home?
Who sells Avon or such products?
Who wants freedom?
Who likes team support?
Who is a fund raiser?
Who watches tv often?
Who works on cars?
Who likes political campaigns?
Who are social networkers?
Who is in the military?
Who is a mutual friend?
Who will help You?
Who works for the government?
Who is unemployed?
Who attends Self-Improvement seminars?
Who reads Self-Help books?
Who reads books on success?
Who is friends with your children ?
Who is friends with your parents?
Who was your boss?
Who you met whilst on vacation?
Who waits on you at restaurants?
Who cuts your hair?
Who does your nails?
Who does your taxes?
Who works at the bank?
Who is on your holiday list?
Who is in retail sales?
Who sells Real Estate?
Who are teachers?
Who services your car?
Who repairs your house?
Who manages your unit?
Who has children in Tertiary Education?
Who likes to dance?
Who sold you your car?
Who you met at a party?
Who likes to buy things?
Who you met on a plane?
Who does volunteer work?
Who you like the least?
Who needs a new car?
Who needs a vacation?
Who works too hard?
Who lives in our neighborhood?
Who is your boss?
Who delivers your mail?
Who phones you at home?
Who phones you at work?
Who delivers your paper?
Who handles your gardening?
Who watches your children?
Who attends your church?
Who you met on the street?
Who you meet through your friends?
Who taylors your clothes?
Who sells cosmetics?
Who packs your groceries?
Who wants a promotion?
Who is overweight?
Who is health conscious?
Who recycles?
Who buys bottled water? Who has allergies?
Who is wealthy?
Who has a lot of friends?
Who exercised regularly?
Who belongs to a Chamber of Commerce?

Will they be amongst your:
Sisters or brothers?
Aunts and Uncles?
Spouse’s relatives?
People you went to school with?
Your doctor?
Your dentist?
Your solicitor?

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood

Teach them to fish…

Hey guys,

There’s an old saying that if you give someone a fish, you feed them for a day –
but if you teach them to fish, you feed them for a lifetime.

When you give someone information and guide their understanding of this material, you can really change their life. Education and training provides information in a way that makes sense, is personally relevant, and allows a person’s understanding to grow so they feel comfortable with the decisions they have made.

As part of the sales team, a major part of the service you’ll receive from your Sales Managers will be educational, ensuring you make the best possible decisions about your future.

I guess we want to teach you to fish!

Live with passion,

Brett Alegre-Wood